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These photos represent the work, free time, and life of Indonesian people. Their emotionality has stolen my eye, they live their life with simplicity and lightheartedness in a different time far from our daily lifestyle. Everything is harder and easier at the same time.



This land is rich in wonderful places where you can find an incredible spirituality, and is easy to find this spirituality in the eyes and gestures of the people. This is an incredible atmosphere that makes you feel good


Life is a game to play on the ground, with friends in the middle of the street or it's a normal moment, in a normal market, with normal friends... it's a simple scene of happiness, it is what it should be




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About Me

I'm Valerio Citrani

My passion for photography started 15 years ago but in the last 5 years, my focus has been different.
I started to rewrite my life and travel more and the need to tell stories through my photos has become a necessity. Now I am a travel content creator, I take people around the world and try to capture in my photos the beauty of what I see.

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