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This land marks the heart, fills your eyes, and leaves you with thoughts that taste sweet but carry an important note of bitterness


Two things leave you speechless and stay within you: the smiles of children and the vastness of nature



In Madagascar, you have a continuous sense of being an alien because often those who look at you don't recognize you, have never seen white skin, you are an Alien, you are amazing. If you pause to contemplate this, you realize how we've lost the capacity to be amazed, the ability to wonder at something never seen before. Today, everything seems possible; everything can appear like a cinematic special effect.


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About Me

I'm Valerio Citrani

My passion for photography started 15 years ago but in the last 5 years, my focus has been different.
I started to rewrite my life and travel more and the need to tell stories through my photos has become a necessity. Now I am a travel content creator, I take people around the world and try to capture in my photos the beauty of what I see.

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